Healthcare Sharing programs are an alternative to health insurance in which members share medical expenses. Members pay a monthly “sharing” contribution which pays for the medical expenses of other members.

Sunvalley Insurance offers health sharing plans from Oneshare Health. These programs are built on an innovative cost-sharing approach designed to streamline access to individual and family-focused healthcare without the expense and complexities of most one-size-fits-all traditional healthcare insurance plans.

Oneshare health offers a a full spectrum of affordable quality healthcare sharing programs for you and your family to get the healthcare you need, when you need it.

Why Choose OneShare Health?

  • An affordable alternative to traditional health insurance plans
  • Access to a nationwide network of award-winning physicians
  • Enrollment is available 365 days a year – without restrictions!
  • Connect to doctors 24/7, 365 days/year through telemedicine services
  • Prescription discount options
  • Preventative Care

OneShare Classic

A program designed for individuals and families that are primarily concerned about medical needs as well as hospital concerns.


OneShare Complete

Designed for those who wish to enroll in a more complete sharing program that serves the needs of individuals and families.


OneShare Catastrophic

Best suited for individuals and families who are primarily healthy and looking to join a program which shares catastrophic medical needs.

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