Is Short Term Health Insurance Right for You?
Short Term health insurance, sometimes called Term health insurance or Temporary health insurance, is specifically designed to bridge gaps in your health care coverage during times of transition.[1]

When is a Short Term plan an option?
A Short Term plan may be just the right health insurance solution if you:

  • Are rolling off your parent’s insurance, a college student or just out of school
  • Are in between jobs
  • Have no health insurance or are losing your insurance coverage
  • Missed Open Enrollment and do not have a qualifying event for Special Enrollment
  • Are waiting for benefits to begin at a new job or for Medicare
  • Need a temporary alternative to COBRA insurance

Next Steps…

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[1] Short Term health insurance is medically underwritten and does not cover preexisting conditions. It does not meet minimum essential coverage ACA-requirements, meaning signing up for this coverage may result in a tax penalty.